Day 3 - There's a method to my madness

Day 3 - Theres a method to my madness
I read Shakespeare's Hamlet in high school but to be honest I had not recalled the line, "Though this be madness yet there is a method in it" which is where the expression in the title is originated from.

Today, I finished unpacking all my stuff and cleaning up everything. I thought I would take a picture of this shelving unit that is "partly" unorganized. I figured in a few weeks (or even days) it would be even more messy and would be less photogenic.

The crop of this photo is kind of strange because it's not very photogenic outside these three shelves. It's hard to describe exactly what the furniture piece looks like, but I figured eventually I will take a picture of the whole shelving unit and it'd make more sense visually than me trying to explain it.

I organized these shelves in interesting categories: Photography, Music and Academics
I wanted to make sure that I knew where to find all my cameras, film and other miscellaneous things when I'm on the run so sticking them all together seemed like a good idea. The music section is kind of ridiculous though. I have a habit of buying more of things I already have. For the second shelf, you should be able to see  multiple ear buds, headphones and mp3 players. I feel like it's overkill... but I just can't help it sometimes. The academics shelf is kind of self-explanatory.

I am again at Starbucks enjoying a Passion Shaken Iced Tea. I don't know if I'll be able to stand not having internet at home much longer. I must say I do enjoy the experience though. One day I'll take a photo of a Starbucks drink. It's very cliché but it seems necessary.

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