Day 1 - Time to Grow

Day 1 - Time to Grow
I have finally decided to start my 365 project. I have put it off for a while in fear of failing but I have finally decided I'll give it a shot.

This is a shot of one of the "melons" that my father grows in our backyard. My father really enjoys gardening and we have so many vegetables in our garden including tomatoes, corn, beans and spinach. I had a lot of trouble deciding what my "first shot" should be but I decided on this because I wanted to make a strange analogy of how I wanted to "grow" through this project. It's quite the bad pun, I know.

I also figured today would be a good day to start because I'm moving to a new house again (I'm quite nomadic due to university). It feels like I'm starting "fresh" again. I will see where I end up in a year.

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