Day 365 - The End!

Day 365 - The End!
I guess this is it. I took a photo every day for the past 365 days. When I decided to do this project, I never imagined I would end up in Europe at the end of the year. It's strange how much one can happen in a year. I look back and it's so much easier to recall particular events, memories, and locations.

I remember before I started this I was inspired by others who did these Project 365s and everyday their photos were consistently magnificent. At some point while I was in the middle of this, I remember being very upset with myself because I was unhappy with the quality of my photos and it seemed I was always rushing for a photo. I see now that it wasn't entirely about the photography, but the whole experience.

I'm happy I did this. It will be strange tomorrow when I don't have to hunt for a photo of the day.

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Aykut said...

I have to say it is really sad to see your blog reached an end:( it was very nice to read it everyday!

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