Day 354 - Puppy by Jeff Koons

Day 354 - Puppy by Jeff KoonsWe went on a day trip to Bilbao, Spain today. The drive up to Bilbao was absolutely stunning. There were such beautiful mountains and we were so close to the border of France, but that will be for another day. We visited the Guggenheim Musuem in Bilbao and then we went on a funicular to see the city from the very top. I have so many photos to upload when I get back.

This is a photo of a puppy sculture that is made out of flowers! Jeff Koons is the artist of this very fascinating landmark.

There was also a parade but I'm not entirely sure what the parade was about. People were marching about with instruments and while they were going through the streets people were dumping water on the marchers (in a friendly way of course). I had to put it away the camera but the experience was very exciting and it felt very European.

Tomorrow we're heading back to Barcelona, Spain.

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