Day 321 - Bitter Sweet Chocolate Terrine

Day 321 - Bitter Sweet Chocolate Terrine
I must say, this weekend has been one of my most eventful weekends this year.

- Bubble tea at Go For Tea
- Night It Up at Markham Civic Centre
- Pork bone soup at Owl of Minerva

- Bought gift card for friend at Anthropologie
- Made a homemade birthday card for said friend
- Grocery shopped for baking ingredients
- Baked chocolate chip cookies
- Had sushi at a very small restaurant
- Visited friend's adorable and hyper husky
- Watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (3D)

- Go Karting at Grand Prix Raceways
- Bought strawberries at farmer's market
- Had Chinese Food at restaurant in which I forget the name too
- Played billiards and "Spot the Difference" at Mix2
- Bubble Tea at Go For Tea

- Two hour walk around my friend's house
- Explored North York Toronto
- Summerlicious at Canoe

I have spent around $200 this weekend but I think it's alright to splurge every once in a while. I did absolutely no work this weekend. It's back to the reality of work and school now.

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