Day 87 - Christmas is Coming

Day 87 - Christmas is Coming
Well, this is depressing. At least it's an interesting story though. 25 hours ago, at 1:22am, my friends and I left Waterloo to go to Buffalo, New York. The drive was about two and a half hours and we arrived at around 4:00am at the Walden Galleria mall for Black Friday shopping. The number of people awake at that time was ridiculous. There were so many people lined up in the freezing cold for doorbuster deals. We shopped for about 10 hours with no sleep, I think it's actually kind of impressive. We weren't done after that. We went to a Burlington Coat Factory, an Electronic store called Ultimate, Target and K-mart. We had dinner at about 3:00pm. When we got to the hotel, we were all pretty exhausted, but we were all doing online shopping and I was going to upload my photo. I had my camera, laptop, Photoshop, Flickr and Blogger all ready in front of me and was ready to upload my photo at around 7:00pm. I put my head down for a second while waiting for YouTube video to load. Somehow, when I woke up it was 2:00am...

I think today's sort of an extenuating circumstance. At least I took a photo, and somewhere in the world it's still Friday right now (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver etc.). I was really upset but I'm okay with it now. I think I'll continue to do some more online shopping because I can't sleep yet.

This is a photo of one of the Christmas tree displays they had at Target. I really wanted to take a lot of photos in stores today but I had a lot of bags with me and there were just so many people that I was afraid of dropping my camera. Plus, I'm still not completely comfortable with the weird looks that some people give. I do like how there are other Christmas trees in the background that made for a nice bokeh effect though.

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